Blackjack Strategy Chart

Blackjack is a phenomenal game, not just because it requires skills, but because it also pays for being good. You can use the below blackjack strategy chart to increase your odds and chances of winning when playing live dealer tables. A strategy chart is something that tells players when to do certain things. It is like an instruction manual, to be specific. This chart will guide a player when to hit, stand, split or double down based on their cards and the dealer’s up card. Thus, there is no more guessing and it is backed by mathematics. For this reason, it is also known as the game of skill.

By following the recommendations in this strategy book, you will increase your chances of winning when playing blackjack at a casino. It works even for live online casinos. Because the game is fair, you can expect to win. Of course, there are also several places where the house always wins. For such reasons, it is always wise to look for the best fair game live casinos in the US. If you properly follow this cart, you will not only have longer winning streaks but also an overall higher percentage. Irrespective of using USA live dealer casinos or playing an online game of blackjack, whether playing at a brick and mortar store or elsewhere, make sure to have this chart with a blackjack strategy chart. When you make sure to reference this chart, you always know the best action to take and when it is your turn. There are several real money live dealers for blackjacks in the US, even with Bitcoin facilities.

Blackjack Strategy Chart

Using the Blackjack Chart

This is a mathematical table that has statistically recommended actions to increase your odds. When using this chart, you will know the best action to take. And, to determine the best action, find the intersection of your hand and the dealers up card. Then, over towards the down of the chart, you can match this hand and the chart and then look towards the top. At the top, you can see what the dealer has. This is the intersection. The intersection of your card on the left and the dealer’s card on the top will give you the best action to take at this moment. This is a statistically significant move that guarantees the best win.

Usually, here you will find a letter that corresponds to a codebook for the best possible actions to take. For example, if the corresponding letter reads an ‘H’, statistics tell you to make a ‘Hit’. It is that simple and straightforward. Or else, if the letter is ‘S’, you should ‘Stand’ or a ‘D’ would indicate to double down. For splitting, the letter is ‘P’. It is not an alphabetical starting alphabet of every word as in ‘H’ for ‘Hit’, so do not recall it that way. It might work for some, but not for all.

So, whenever playing blackjack at a live dealer casino, always follow this strategy book or chart and you will significantly improve your gameplay and your winning percentage. It is not that it guarantees the jackpot, but it surely makes sure you don’t lose everything without a fight. Following this chart to the accurate notions, the statistics make sure that blackjack will give you the best chance of winning and lower the casinos’ advantage as much as possible. Because, if a casino is making a fair game, they have to follow the rules as well, and that is where mathematics comes to the rescue. Always go for recommended and verified live dealer casinos in the US so that when you win, you are guaranteed to take your winnings hassle-free.

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What Goes into the Chart?

This is a work of pure research where students and faculties from MIT simulated thousands of blackjack hands and their results. This was done to determine statistically the best action to take. It is always the best statistical decision and the right solution. At times it might feel like doubling down is a wrong decision for the moment, but mathematically this is wrong. These simulations take into effect over a long term of gameplay and not just the current moment’s card. Since maths is not emotional and does not take guesses, blackjack’s actions can be statistically determined. At times human beings are correct because of guesswork, but the probability of making a mistake is higher where maths does not do that. So, always taking advice is the best thing to do here.

Playing online is an easier thing here as well because you can simply look at the chart when making your moves, but this is not allowed inside a live casino, just like books are not allowed during exams. It is cheating. However, at some casinos you can always refer to the chart and the staff will not care. So, any of the USA live casinos and online casinos that do not use the above blackjack strategy to work is a good place to play.